Carlos Enrique Menendez



  • Education
  • At the age of 10 and for four years he studied in the conservatory “Alfonso Perez Issac” general percussion and then he transferred to the “National Conservatory of Havana” for four more years to continue his studies and get his diploma.

    From the first years of his studies he attended various seminars and since the present he has been specialized to the following instruments: drums, congas, bongos, timbal, guiro, guira dominicana, clave, chekere, tambora dominicana, cajon and tambores bata.

  • Experience
  • At the age of 16 he starts his career in drums and percussion in varius Cuban bands, as “Yagarimu”, with which he records his first album with “Egreem” productions. The same time he collaborates with “Maite y la Frontera” band and records two more albums with “Egreem” and “Sony” productions.

    Later he becomes member of “Luna Negra” band and after recording the album “Pintanto Maravillas” with EMI Capitol he makes a tour all over latin America and Spain. With the consummation of the tour, he joins “Imagen Latina” band, playing drums and timbales, with which he makes a tour in many European countries one of which is Greece were he stayed 4 years. In the 4 year period he bacame member of “All Stars de Palenque” band, with which he accompanied many famus singers of tha Latin – American music, like Alfredo de la Fe, Ray de la Paz, Oralndo Watussi and more.
    The year 2006 he moves to Italy and starts a collaboration with varius groups and becomes a member of the cuban group “Punto Zero” with which he records several albums: “Salseando”, “Muevela”, “El Pestano” and the albums “La tuya y la mia”, which was producted by “Galletti – Boston and Alosibla” productions.

    Since February 2010 he has moved to Greece and he works with latin and jazz groups in Athens and all over Greece.
    Since the summer of 2010 he is a member of the HARMONIA MISTURATA Trio,working on a project focused on the blending of classical music with Latin American sounds.