• Cornelios Diamandopoulos - Jazz & Τζαζ magazine
  • There is nothing more interesting in these modern times than to see a musical kind, a melodious-harmonic style, through the lens of another. The “Harmonia Misturata” trio is specialized exactly in this: In the reading, through a Latin sense, of some of the most famous pieces by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and other top classical composers. Without altering the essence of the themes, these popular melodies are imbued with the Afro-Cuban tradition and they take unpredictable extensions. The corporality of the sensual rhythms that is missing form the originals (for historical and social reasons) is united here with the irresistible charm of the timeless masterpieces. Using philosophical and aesthetical terms, the composition and the coalescence of these two worlds is like a marriage between the western “apollonian” perfectionism and the Latin “dionysian” movement-impulse. The “Harmonia Misturata” trio consisting of complete and excellent musicians materializes this idea into sound in the most ideal way. The result may move, excite, give joy the same way to a qualified specialist as to a simple music-lover with an open mind and without prejudice.

  • A.Onassis magazine (mag.issue no 53) Review in Greek language
  • At the concert “If the classical composers traveled to Latin America…”, which took place on June 23, 2011 at the “Christina Onassis” stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre, the three musicians presented a show full of contrasts, intense colours, passion, internality, humour.”
    Their show at the Bayerisher Hof in Munich (Germany) on December 14, 2011 was followed by a concert at the “Parnassos” auditorium in Athens with the title “Afro-cuban brush-strokes on a classical canvas